Fish, Fish and more Fish

I need some good fish recipes!  My freezer is full of wahoo and mahi mahi. My jerk seasoning is good but getting boring. Any ideas?


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Spent the last 5 years of our lives floating around the globe. Amazing how much we have seen, experienced and lived through. Sharing the experience and knowledge with others out there or planning on making the jump.
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One Response to Fish, Fish and more Fish

  1. sailingmoms says:

    Here is one I enjoyed in Fiji:

    Coconut curried fish with Plantains:

    Curry seasoning
    Salt and Pepper
    Fish (1 inch chunks)
    Coconut milk (canned or fresh)
    1 onion diced
    1 garlic clove
    1 or 2 slightly ripe plantains in chunks

    Season the fish to desired taste with curry, salt and pepper. Sauté onions (medium heat) with a little oil till translucent add garlic at the end so it won’t burn. Remove onion and garlic and set aside on a plate. Add a tablespoon of oil into the pan and sear fish. Take fish out just before it is done and set aside with the onions. Do not over cook the fish as it will finish cooking at the final stage. Fry the plantains with a little oil till just golden on both sides. Return the fish and onions to the pan and add coconut milk. Let simmer for a minute or two and then turn off. Season to taste during the final simmer. This was served over white rice. I added a bit of cayenne pepper since I like my curry a little on the spicy side.

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