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Here is a question that came into Facebook and wanted to post the answers….

We’re going to have our first baby in a few months and then continue cruising with him/her at 5-6 months’ age. I am curious about any and all advice about having infants onboard. Particularly interested in views about having strollers onboard – leaning towards not, but not fully decided. How best to setup a baby cab…in in a v-berth that is currently our garage. Oh and diapers. Thank you in advance!

Answer #1

Congratulations–great news! Strollers: yecch! We had our daughter Kali aboard Shanachie from 4 months old to about 2 yrs old. Only needed a baby-carrier backpack–excellent for traveling, safer dinghy rides, etc. I’d highly recommend a por…table/fold-up “playpen” (whatever they’re called nowadays)–very handy ashore, and while traveling. Those were the only pieces of baby gear we ever needed, except for a safety harness I made when she started walking at 8.5 months old, and, a clip-on folding high chair that worked on the boat and in restaurants ashore. We used disposable diapers then (late 80s) b/c no hot water, and, very little water capacity anyway. I felt somewhat guilty, but, figured it wouldn’t last too long… 🙂

Answer #2
We had a stroller when we left thinking we would need it but never found a place that we could use it. Cloth diapers are really getting a great rap these days. I typically let our kids go bare on deck and easily hose it down and would onl…y use disposable diapers when they were inside and off the boat. As for the sleeping situation, I used a baby gate that I could secure tightly. Another option I saw was a mom who used a netting that was secured under the bed and then was attached by clips on each side of the opening. She was able to unclip one side to get the baby out. Then, I met a French couple who strung a hammock in their room. So many options! But, the best thing I had on the boat was a compact baby seat/high chair. It was very nice to be able to put the kids somewhere safe while I was needed on deck.

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